Selected Publications

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Efficient compression in color naming and its evolution

Zaslavsky, Kemp, Regier and Tishby. PNAS, 2018.

Color naming reflects both perceptual structure and communicative need

Zaslavsky, Kemp, Tishby and Regier. topiCS, 2019.

Semantic categories of artifacts and animals reflect efficient coding

Zaslavsky, Regier, Tishby and Kemp. CogSci 2019.

Communicative need in color naming

Zaslavsky, Kemp, Tishby and Regier. CNP (2019).


I taught as a TA in the following courses at the Hebrew University:

  • Introduction to Machine Learning – undergraduate-level course at the CS department. I also co-organized a machine learning hackathon for this course.

  • Introduction to Information Processing and Learning – graduate-level course, covering topics in machine learning, information theory, and statistics.